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Top 10 Stores to Style your Summer Wardrobe for Cheap

With summer fast approaching, it’s not unbelievable to think your spring closet won’t work for the upcoming season. In this article, we’ll touch on the up and coming summer fashion trends and the best place to shop for them.

Based on trend forecasting, a strategy analysis using consumer behavior to predict future trends. Several major magazine publications have decided the aesthetics for this summer are athletic preppy, boho revival, country western, and basic 90’s with the main colors being white and sky blue. This season's athletic preppy stems from the new film Challengers, an indie romance that revolves around the preppy tennis lifestyle. The boho revival stems from spring fashion week when brands like Ralph Lauren and Chloe leaned into the fringes and frills. The country revival is something we’ve been seeing the past few years with the uptrend in cowboy boots but has been amplified by Taylor Swift, Beyonce, and Lana Del Rey's new albums all being country. The basic 90’s are a timeless look that we see every season, it revolves around linen button-ups, wide-leg trousers, and the classic 90’s boyfriend shorts. Most fabrics in these styles use cotton or linen since they are lightweight, allowing for air to circulate and keep you cool. For beachwear, Vogue has listed crochet swimsuits, high-contrast minimalism, floral, and animal prints as the starting lineup. Since not every store follows these trends we thought we'd make it easier for you to shop. Here are the top 10 best stores to shop for these looks.

The 10 best stores to shop for these looks from cheapest to most expensive

  1. H&M

Being one of the cheapest options on the list, their quality can be a hit or miss. But their bathing suits make up for it all as they are long-lasting and cheap. Their swimwear covers all bases, floral, animal print, minimalism, and crochet as well as a variety between two pieces and one pieces. They are currently having a 20% off sale on top of their already cheap prices

2. Old Navy

The second on our list is the timeless Old Navy, which has a wide variety of basics to fit the 90’s simplicity look. They are one of the cheaper options on the list and have tones of linen and cotton clothes so you won’t be sweating. Old Navy also has wide-leg trousers starting at twenty dollars, and boyfriend shorts starting at thirty dollars. Currently, they are having a 50% off everything sale.

Gap is third on the list, owned by the same parent company as Old Navy, gap has similar variety but a slightly higher price point but still affordable. The Gap style is more formal than old navy, the styles are sleek for cheap. This is perfect for 90’s simplicity as well as floral and minimalistic beachwear. They are also having a 50% off all tops sale and 40-60% off other clothes.


4. Cotton On

Cotton On is fourth on our list. Most of their clothes are made from cotton or a cotton blend allowing for air flow. This brand is best for 90’s simplicity but also serves athletic preppy in their activewear section with one of their white pleated tennis skirts being a dupe for the Nike victory skirt but at a cheaper price. Cotton On is currently having a 30% online sale. 

5. PacSun

Pacsun is fifth on our list. While it’s tops are typically geared towards a younger audience, its denim shorts and variety of swimwear are in focus. More expensive than Cotton On but cheaper than Zara, their denim shorts are stunning. Their beachwear has the largest collection in this list ranging from two pieces and one piece with an emphasis in prints such as basic patterns, floral, and animal as well as ribbed and crocheted textures. They have a sale rack year-round. 

6. Zara

Our sixth brand is Zara. Zara emphasizes semi-business formal wear year round and this is shown in their summer styles too. They have an extravagant collection of linen and silk for medium prices. Their current selection also appears to have an athletic preppy section and their beachwear also inspired the high contrast minimalism style. Zara typically has sales at the beginning of the season and at the end and a clearance rack year-round. 

Nike is the look for athletic preppy as it was worn in the film inspiring this style, Challengers. Their tennis skirts give the classic look between casual and athletic and can be dressed up outside of the court for a casual summer look. Most of their clothes are tailored to a basic athletic style but they have multiple pieces to dress it up as preppy. They are currently having a 25% off select styles sale. 

8. Free People

Free people is the golden child of boho as the brand only specializes in bohemian looks with an earthy tone. They also specialize in western looks with a selection of cowboy boots. While this is more expensive than the previously mentioned brands, the quality and fit is remarkable. Their main summer fabrics consist of linen and denim with most of their clothes leaning towards a light, airy look. They have a clearance rack year-round. 

9. Banana Republic

Banana Republic is ninth on the list. Owned by the same parent company as Gap and Old Navy, Banana Republic provides business casual with a higher price point. Their main fabrics are linen, cotton, and silk for summer wear. This is great for a basic summer style as well as floral print beachwear. They are having a 30% sitewide sale.


10. Alo Yoga

Alo Yoga is tenth on the list and generally the most expensive, but the quality is unbeatable. Alo is an athleisure company dedicated to simple and preppy. Their summer line is the perfect athletic preppy look also focusing on high contrast minimal athleisure instead of beachwear. They have a sale rack year-round. 


As summertime approaches, you’re spring wardrobe may not be breathable enough for the intense heat. The summer look differs from spring with its emphasis on athletic preppy, boho revival, country western, and basic minimalism. Of course, this doesn't mean throwing out all your old summer clothes, but rather incorporating subtle details and specific pieces from these trends to create the look that fits you best.

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