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About Me

Ever since I turned 13, my curiosity for money flourished. Still remember it like yesterday. Kids my age would whine with their mom to go out with their friends, while I was constructing a plan to have my mom allow me to open a brokerage account. No big deal, my dad accepted right away and the journey began. The gateway to my life had just opened up. I would take every advantage to look at the stock market at school. Being in 7th grade and not being provided laptops, I would have to wait for a computer class to look at stocks in the limited time I had.

Using the few couple hundred dollars my dad gave me, I was able to purchase my first few stocks. I had no idea what I was doing. I just randomly picked companies based on their stock prices and said "this stock is very cheap, it's under $5 it could be the next Apple". Yeah, that didn't work out so well. The first trouble I ran into was with my initial stockbroker, M1 Finance, which didn't allow me to sell my stocks!

I was looking forward to selling my stocks for a profit but there was no sell button! So, I just had to request to withdraw my money and it would sell my stocks the next day. Well, that didn't go well, I lost money but made a new account on Robinhood.

Then I went on to use that same money to purchase penny stocks! Another mistake, but you have to learn it the hard way to gain true experience and knowledge. 

Here I am today, still as interested in investing and business but with much more knowledge. So, I decided to spread the information to everyone here at Tasci Finance.

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